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Water is at the heart of every home. Whether you use it for drinking, cooking, washing, or watering the garden, we all rely on it. However when the fixtures and fittings we have in our home go wrong, or no longer suit our needs, then you need someone knowledgeable and reliable to help resolve the issue.

At Ben Guest Plumbing Services we have been helping people install, maintain and repair their plumbing since 2003 and with experienced and qualified plumbers servicing the Watford area we are confident that we can provide the plumbing service you require.

Our plumbing engineers are happy to be called on for anything; from replacing washers on a tap through to installing a complete new system. We are also happy to come and provide a free estimate for larger plumbing projects.

Here at Ben Guest Plumbing Services we aim to educate and inform our customers. This helps you to understand what is happening in your home and why we are recommending and undertaking work. Below are a few of the areas we have information on in our advice section.

Water Saving – We now all have a responsibility to conserve water and use it as wisely as we can. I have therefore put together some water saving measures that will suit everyone’s budgets. From free to implement, to more longer term investments, there are solutions for every budget.

Pipes Explained – How much do you know and understand the pipework within your property? Knowing what it’s made of and what the different pipes do can help to prevent problems and plan maintenance.

Low & High Water Pressure - For the majority of homes mains water pressure is not something that needs considering. However if you have particularly low or high water pressure, this can impact how you provide water services to your home. Find out how to work with the pressure you have to get the most out of your fittings.

Winter Plumbing Issues – Find out how to protect your pipework and appliances to ensure you stay warm throughout the colder months. Also what to do if you do have a burst pipe or broken boiler.

Showers Explained – With a large number of options available on the market there is a showering solution for every situation. Our article gives a brief outline of the options available to you when you are looking to install a new shower.

Legionella – Legionnaires’ disease is rare but is potentially lethal if not treated quickly and correctly. Find out what it is and how to protect yourself from it in our informative article.

Water Pipe Noise – Anything from water hammer to pump noise. We go through the common noises and possible solutions to the problems.

Toilets Explained – A simple guide to the different types of toilets and some of the common problems that can occur with them.

Water Treatment – Living in a hard water area we are often asked to advise on different methods of water treatment for both drinking water and for central heating systems. We have put together a quick guide on the options available.

Blocked Drains – Blocked drains are often a very smelly and dirty problem. As a householder, you are responsible for your entire drainage system up to where it joins the main sewer. See what can be done to solve the problems.

If you live in or around Watford and Hertfordshire and have any other areas that you would like us to advise you on, then please get in touch with us at Ben Guest Plumbing Services, and one of our experienced plumbing engineers will be happy to help.

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