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About Us

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Established in 2003, Ben Guest Services aims to provide its customers with excellent workmanship and customer service all at an affordable price.

These aims have seen us grow into a strong local business with an excellent reputation and a loyal customer base. Gaining the majority of our new business through word of mouth, we are continuing to grow and now with teams of plumbers, gas engineers, electricians and access to almost all trades, we are able to undertake anything from the smallest jobs through to large refurbishment.

Alongside our main work we also work to support local groups and charities with both financial and skills assistance. It is our aim to continue growing whilst at the same time maintaining our connections with the local community and our core principles of excellent workmanship, customer service and affordability.

My name is Ben and when I started Ben Guest Services in 2003 I wanted to do something that made a difference to people’s lives – to help people and support them in their homes. I have always enjoyed doing practical work and although my background is one of customer service; working in two pubs and for British Airways, it is the satisfaction of repairing or creating something useful in the home that gives me real enjoyment in the work I do. It is my desire to help people and create practical solutions that drives me and the rest of the Ben Guest Services team on a daily basis.

The other driving force that I bring to the business is a sense of fairness. There are many individuals and companies that are in business to make as much money as possible out of the customers they have. At Ben Guest Services we are different. I work to ensure that we charge a fair price for the work we do and never do work that is not needed. We will repair rather than replace parts if possible and source spares where they are available. If you ever feel we have been unfair in the way we have dealt with your maintenance needs then please contact us and we will always look into the matter.

I hope that we are able to help to look after your property both now and in the future.


Managing Director, Ben Guest Services Ltd